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Poola jada should be ordered at least 4 days before of your event date. For customisation and saree matching minimum one week before. Some wedding accessories are readily available and you can collect at our nearest branches.

How to order poola jada and wedding accessories?

you can directly visit your nearest branch or through online (what’s app) you can place the order.

Can we visit your branches or offices to place an order ?

YES, you can always visit your nearest branch or office to place the order. You can directly see the workman ship and quality.

What colour flowers are available for outfit matching?

Maximum we use natural flowers which are available, if exact colour is not available in fresh flowers then we go for colour tinting to match your outfit.

What type of wedding accessories do you have?

PELLI POOLA JADA (A complete house of wedding accessories). We have all type of wedding accessories used in all type of events. Addutera, Ungarala Bindi, wedding dolls, Karpuram/elachi garlands, karpuram sticks, Kobbari kudakalu, Kobbari bondam, Flower jewellery/ haldi jewelry, Poola dandalu/garlands, Poola jada, Mangala snanam concept, Jalleda, Navaratna talmbralu, Pallem chembu, Pelli peetalu, Kadi, Kasiyatra set, Pelli butta, Sanikalu, Aviredu/garigamuntha, Pallaki, Malle/muthyala pandiri(Chadar), Rolu rokali, Engagement trays, Ring Platters, Basikalu.......

What type of decor you will provide?

PELLI POOLA JADA (A complete house of wedding accessories) offers a wide range of event decors for all your special days.

What about engagement tray packing?

Usually sweets and fruits are provided by the customer. If customer not able to provide we can arrange with actual price.

Can we customise the engagement ring platters?

YES, we can customise the ring platters according to your choice.

Does poola jada fit for kids / short hair?

YES, poola jada fits for all the ages, as it is of light weight and can carry easily.

Will you arrange the poola jada? Is hair extension and jada kuchulu is part of poola jada?

NO, your hair stylist will arrange the poola jada. Hair extension and jada kuchulu is not a part of poola jada , provided with an extra cost.

What is the length of poola jada and wedding garlands?

poola jada is of length 28 inches. Wedding garlands are of length 2.5 to 3 feet with adjustable neck arrangement. For any customisation of length please inform while placing the order.

How to store floral accessories?

All the floral accessories need to be stored in a normal fridge not in a freezer. Tinted floral accessories should be placed in a normal room temperature.

How long floral accessories stay fresh?

Floral accessories stays maximum of 6-8 hrs fresh after wearing in ac function hall.

Does the colour vary from real look to photography picture?

YES, the colour of the product may slightly vary from the image due to the brightness of the device and photographic lights.

How do you pack floral accessories?

Floral accessories come in a colourful cardboard box, which can directly stored in a normal fridge

How to make the payment?

you need to pay 60% as advance at the time of placing the order, remaining amount at the time of delivery.

What are the delivery options?

you can collect your order at your nearest branch office. If you want delivery- delivery charges will be extra.
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