Hindus treat worshipping Garike Muntha as worshipping the goddess.Muntha means pot.The story behind this ritual is, in Puranas it is mentioned that during her wedding, Draupadi danced by placing a pot on her head with extreme happiness.Since then, people from many parts of the country have started treating Garike Muntha as a holy thing in marriages.

Generally, during Hindu weddings, people bring this Garika Muntha from potter’s house and they perform special pujas.Hindus treat worshipping Garike Muntha as worshipping Goddess Gauri.

Even during the marriage, the Vedic pandits will place this Garika Muntha in front of the bride and groom to perform pujas.The bride’s family will send this Garika Muntha with the bride to her mother-in-law’s house after the wedding.

Garika Muntha plays an important role in Hindu marriages.

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