This is an occasion that’s loved the maximum now no longer handiest with the aid of using the newly wedded couple however with the aid of using the visitors as nicely who maintain encouraging the newly wedded couple with an especially aggressive spirit. ‘Talambralu’ is rice grains blended with turmeric powder and saffron together with different such things as flower petals, pearls, and colorful beads relying upon the affordability and hobby of the party.
On this occasion, the newly wedded couple are made to take a seat down going through every different and to begin with they’re made to pour ‘tambralu’ on every different’s head like a bath in turns. As it progresses, the newly wedded couple are advocated with the aid of using the buddies and loved ones to compete with the pouring of ‘talambralu’ on every different’s head. There is a great deal of laughter and amusement all around and the occasion indicates the happiness and contentment of married life.
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