Mangala Snanam is essential for the lady of the hour (Pellikuthuru) and groom (Pellikodudku) making service or pre-wedding party. This function can occur on numerous occasions. Some have it two times, when before the day of the wedding and one on the big day.

The Haldi service goes before this custom where the lady of the hour and husband to be (at their individual homes) are spread with Haldi glue by their loved ones. They are then given a heavenly shower with turmeric water. This is to purify their body and brain before the hallowed custom of the wedding. Turmeric additionally has skin-helping properties that improve the brilliance of the lady of the hour and lucky man.

After the Mangala snanam, a “Mangala Aarti” is directed where a little light is lit, put on a Thali (plate) along side turmeric, vermilion, and sandalwood. The Thali is orbited before the lady and man of the hour to eliminate any hostile stares and look for favors from the All-powerful
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