Hindu weddings are lively, complicatedly arranged, culture-rich merriments loaded with festivity and custom. While the actual substance of a Hindu wedding service is the physical, otherworldly, and profound association of two individuals. it’s additionally about the approaching together of two families through petition and festivity.

The main thing that strikes a chord when we discuss a Telugu wedding is the tones – the extravagant green of the mavidakalu (Mango leaves), the wonderful sweet-smelling yellows of the pasupu kommalu (turmeric units), and the obviously rich reds of the kumkum (vermillion). One of the main in Hindu Weddings is Addutera.
‘Addu Thera’ signifies, in Telugu until the fruition of the ‘Kanyadaan’, the lady and the man of the hour are not permitted to take a gander at one another and in this way, they are isolated by a shade/fabric that is a spot between them, as a segment. In Telugu, we call it ‘Addu Thera’.
You should most likely investigate your Life partner’s eyes multiple times before the Muhurtam however concur with it women that there is enchantment in glancing through the Addutera and attempting to take a look at your accomplice.

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