Addutera is also called as Teracella

Addutera is also called as teracella, in English it known as Antharpat ,This  is used at the time of kanyadanam ceremony  in which girls family hands over their daughter responsibility to the groom, until the completion of this ceremony both bride and groom are not allowed to see each other and separated by a Addutera that is placed between them as a partition ,after bride parents wash the feet of groom as groom  is treated as Lord Vishnu who has came to marry their daughter who is consider as Lakshmi Devi.

Floral Addutera is used at the time of kanyadanam, This the latest model of addutera used in marriage with a measuring size of 6×4 to cover the entire family of the bride.  All  the fresh flowers are used in this addutera are white Bombay malli is used for net making and red roses petals for the long border to catch the entire look in the wedding ceremony.

This is another  beautiful addutara in measuring size of 6×4 made with Lilly and red roses petals the concept of red and white combination works out well to get the attention of audience in the wedding events. This is the another beautiful addutera combination of fabric and fresh flowers measured in size of 6×4 to cover all the family members of bride family.  White printed raw silk showing bride and groom procession of wedding ceremony.

In pure fabric addutera , it is one of the trendy model with middle  gold raw silk patch with sitarama print which separates the bride and groom and round up with organza see through fabric   gives a funky look to their wedding. This is the Raw silk addutera measured in 6×4 size with beautiful colour combination with peacocks and sita ram sitting, colour combination given more elegant  look through  out the of kanyadanam ceremony.

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