I don’t think there is anybody who will decline the fact that the ring-finding ceremony is the most fun-filled and one of the most anticipated ceremonies in Indian weddings. In a South Indian Wedding, this traditional event comprises of finding rings from a pot filled with water. Generally, a silver toe ring (or any gold or silver ring) is dropped into the vessel that is half-filled with water and both bride and groom are supposed to compete against one another and take a ring out. Whoever gets the ring is the winner.

The pot which is used to drown the ring for the ceremony can be styled and decorated in various ways so as to accentuate not only the visuals of the game but also give a whole lot of meaning to the memorable event. There are many designs to choose from:

For those who want to make a statement with their pot that is tinted with shades of red and green, the Krishna blue pot will be your mantra to stand out.

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