In Early Days of My journey

In early days of my journey, Indian brides never had a choice of hairstyle and arrangements aside from the classic standard Indian braid. It’s within the last few years, we are seeing a surge in styling for the brides and this fortunately included hairdo. We could see a window to amalgamate traditional braids with contemporary styles. A messy braid or fish tail braid or French braid or a loosely parted braid with floral accessories is trending fast among Indian women. These braids not just look fashionable but also are comfortable and light weight.. Availability of exotic flowers in various colors gives this hairstyle a new charm over the normal hairstyles. Here are few styles that most of the brides have won the attention of their guests on their big days.


Here is one of the most beautiful bonding of mother and daughter.  These flowers are very much suitable for any age group. We use baby breath flowers with pink carnesian to match with brides mother outfitand look more elegant and most suitable  for regular hairstyles also.

Nowdays mehendi and sangeeth events are most trending. For these events most of the brides prefer hair knots for more charming look and comfort. Here we use baby breath flowers along with peach and pink carnesian to get exact matching with brides outfit.

In any type of event not only brides ,every young one likes free hair style. For that we added liitile spark to this hair styles with our new floral patterns. Here we use gold sprayed baby breath flowers with pink sprayed orchids to match with their outfits and it grabs new attention of guests.

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