Karpuram Garlands

Karpuram Garlands in Telugu Weddings: Symbolism & Significance

In the rich tapestry of Telugu weddings, certain traditions stand out for their deep symbolism and cultural significance. One such tradition is the use of Karpuram Garlands, which play a pivotal role in various ceremonies throughout the wedding festivities. At Pelli Poola Jada, we delve into the symbolism and significance of Karpuram Garlands, exploring their role in Telugu weddings and the cherished traditions they embody.

Understanding Karpuram Garlands:

Karpuram Garlands, also known as “Kobbari Kudakalu” or “Garigamuntha” in Telugu, are intricately crafted garlands made from camphor. These garlands hold immense cultural significance and are an integral part of Telugu wedding rituals. Traditionally, Karpuram Garlands were used to adorn the bride and groom during various ceremonies, symbolizing purity, prosperity, and auspiciousness.

Symbolism of Karpuram Garlands:

Purity and Cleansing:

Camphor, the primary ingredient in Karpuram Garlands, holds profound significance in Hindu traditions, symbolizing purity and cleansing. In Telugu weddings, the use of these garlands represents the purification of the bride and groom as they embark on their journey together. Camphor is known for its purifying properties, and its inclusion in Karpuram Garlands serves to cleanse the couple of any impurities or negative energies, ensuring that they begin their married life with a sense of purity and sanctity.

Spiritual Protection:

Beyond their cleansing properties, Karpuram Garlands are believed to offer spiritual protection to the couple. The fragrant aroma of camphor is said to ward off negative energies and evil spirits, creating a protective shield around the bride and groom. This spiritual protection ensures the couple’s well-being and prosperity as they navigate the joys and challenges of married life together. By adorning themselves with Karpuram Garlands, the couple invites divine blessings and safeguarding into their union, ensuring a harmonious and blessed marriage.


The presence of Karpuram Garlands in Telugu weddings is considered highly auspicious, signifying divine blessings and divine intervention in the union of the bride and groom. The fragrance of camphor is believed to bring blessings from the divine and enhance the overall sanctity of the wedding ceremony. As the couple exchanges Karpuram Garlands during various rituals, they invite auspiciousness and prosperity into their lives, setting the stage for a blessed and joyous marital journey.

Unity and Harmony:

The exchange of Karpuram Garlands between the bride and groom symbolizes the coming together of two souls in marriage. It signifies unity, harmony, and the promise of lifelong companionship. As the couple exchanges garlands, they express their commitment to support and cherish each other through all the ups and downs of life. The fragrant aroma of camphor serves as a reminder of the sacred bond they share, instilling a sense of unity and harmony that will guide them through their journey together.

Significance in Telugu Wedding Rituals:

Karpuram Garlands feature prominently in several key rituals during Telugu weddings, each imbued with its own symbolism and significance:

Addutera Ceremony:

The “Addutera” ceremony holds special significance in Telugu weddings as it marks the formal introduction of the bride and groom’s families. During this ritual, the bride, and groom exchange Karpuram Garlands as a gesture of acceptance and goodwill between the two families. The exchange of garlands symbolizes mutual respect and the beginning of a new relationship between the bride and groom’s families. It signifies their willingness to embrace each other with open hearts and to forge strong bonds of love and unity as they come together to celebrate the union of their children.

Poola Jada With Real Flowers:

The “Poola Jada” ceremony is a cherished tradition in Telugu weddings, where the bride adorns her hair with floral garlands, including Karpuram Garlands. This ritual holds deep symbolism, as it symbolizes the bride’s purity, beauty, and readiness to embark on married life. The fragrant flowers and delicate Karpuram Garlands enhance the bride’s bridal attire, adding a touch of elegance and grace to her appearance. As she prepares to step into her new role as a wife, the bride radiates beauty and joy, surrounded by the vibrant colors and fragrant scents of the floral garlands.

Kobbari Bondam Ritual:

In the “Kobbari Bondam” ritual, the bride and groom exchange coconut garlands, or “Kobbari Kudakalu,” along with Karpuram Garlands. This symbolic exchange represents their commitment to each other and their families as they embark on their marital journey together. The coconut garlands symbolize fertility, prosperity, and the eternal bond between the bride and groom. By exchanging these garlands along with Karpuram Garlands, the couple affirms their dedication to building a strong and enduring relationship, rooted in love, respect, and mutual support. The presence of Karpuram Garlands adds an auspicious touch to the ritual, symbolizing purity, protection, and divine blessings as the couple begins their married life.

Preserving Tradition with Pelli Poola Jada:

At Pelli Poola Jada, we are committed to preserving and celebrating the rich traditions of Telugu weddings. Our exquisite Karpuram Garlands are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, using the finest quality camphor to ensure authenticity and beauty. Whether you’re searching for traditional Karpuram Garlands or unique variations like “Garigamuntha,” we offer a wide range of options to suit your preferences and enhance the beauty of your wedding celebrations.


In Telugu weddings, Karpuram Garlands hold profound symbolism and significance, representing purity, prosperity, and auspiciousness. As couples exchange these fragrant garlands during various rituals, they symbolize the beginning of a new journey together, filled with love, unity, and harmony. At Pelli Poola Jada, we take pride in preserving these cherished traditions and providing couples with exquisite Karpuram Garlands that enhance the beauty and sanctity of their wedding ceremonies. Surf “Pelli Poola Jada Near Me” on internet and find our website online today!

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