Doll Trays For Wedding

Doll Trays For Wedding: A Symbol of Love and Unity in Your Marriage

Weddings are rich with symbolism, and every element of the celebration holds meaning, representing the love, unity, and partnership between the couple. One often-overlooked yet profoundly meaningful aspect of weddings is the doll tray, a tradition that carries deep symbolism in various cultures around the world. In this blog, we will delve into the fascinating world of Doll Trays For Wedding and explore how they symbolize love, unity, and partnership in a marriage. Whether you’re planning a wedding and considering incorporating doll trays into your ceremony or simply intrigued by the cultural significance of these beautiful artifacts, you’ll discover how doll trays have transcended time and borders to become a cherished symbol of matrimonial harmony.

The Symbolic Essence of Doll Trays

Doll trays, also known as “sajavat” or “sajavu” in some cultures, are ornate trays adorned with various symbolic items. These trays are an integral part of wedding traditions in countries like India. While the specific items on a doll tray may vary by culture, the underlying symbolism remains consistent.

  • Sweets and Blessings: Doll trays often feature an assortment of sweets, fruits, or other delicacies. These represent the sweetness of the union and the hope for a prosperous life together.
  • Coins or Money: The presence of coins or currency symbolizes financial prosperity and mutual support in the marriage.
  • Flowers and Garlands: Flowers are a universal symbol of love, beauty, and the blossoming of the couple’s relationship.
  • Mirror: A mirror is often included to reflect the image of the couple, signifying self-reflection and the idea that each partner is a mirror to the other’s soul.
  • Jewelry and Clothing: Doll trays may also hold jewelry, clothing, or accessories, emphasizing the adornment of the bride and groom for their special day.

Unity in Diversity

One of the most remarkable aspects of doll trays is their remarkable adaptability and inclusivity. These ornate trays have the unique ability to seamlessly incorporate diverse cultural elements, transcending borders and traditions to become symbols of love and unity in various parts of the world. The universality of doll trays lies in their capacity to embrace and celebrate the uniqueness of each culture, making them a versatile and inclusive symbol of matrimonial harmony. In India, for example, doll trays, known as “sajavat” or “sajavu,” are a prominent feature of weddings, often adorned with colorful and vibrant items like Kobbari Kudakalu that reflect the country’s rich cultural tapestry. These trays burst with the hues of tradition, symbolizing the exuberance and joy of the occasion.

Kobbari Kudakalu

In contrast, Chinese weddings may incorporate a more elegant and refined aesthetic into their doll trays, using delicate materials and intricate designs to convey the beauty of the union. Even in Western weddings, where doll trays are not traditionally a part of the ceremony, couples are increasingly drawn to the idea of incorporating this symbol of love and unity. They recognize that doll trays can be adapted to fit any cultural context, adding a touch of inclusivity to their celebration. This adaptability and willingness to embrace diverse cultural elements make doll trays a symbol of unity in diversity—a testament to the universal language of love and partnership that transcends boundaries and unites hearts around the world.

Doll Trays in Indian Weddings

In the tapestry of Indian weddings, doll trays, known as “sajavat” or “sajavu,” weave a narrative of tradition, love, and unity. These intricately adorned trays occupy a prominent place in the ceremony, particularly during the Jaimala ritual, a pivotal moment symbolizing the acceptance and respect exchanged between the bride and groom. During this enchanting exchange, the bride’s family presents the groom with a doll tray, extending a warm and heartfelt welcome. This gesture embodies the spirit of goodwill and sets the tone for a harmonious union between two families.

In response, the groom offers his own gifts and blessings to the bride, signifying his commitment to supporting and cherishing her throughout their shared journey of married life. This exchange of doll trays symbolizes not only the unification of two individuals in matrimony but also the blending of two families and the merging of two hearts, brought together by love and partnership. Doll trays in Indian weddings stand as a testament to the rich tapestry of traditions that make these celebrations so vibrant and meaningful. They encapsulate the essence of unity and the promise of a life filled with shared dreams, joys, and cherished moments.


Doll Trays as a Keepsake

While doll trays play a significant role in the symbolic rituals of a wedding ceremony, their importance doesn’t diminish once the festivities conclude. For many couples, these beautifully crafted trays hold sentimental value that extends far beyond the wedding day itself. Doll trays often become cherished keepsakes, preserving the memory of the love, unity, and partnership celebrated during the matrimonial union. These ornate trays serve as enduring reminders of the special day, encapsulating the essence of the couple’s commitment to one another. Couples may choose to display their doll trays in their homes, where they become elegant and meaningful pieces of decor. Over time, these trays can evolve into family heirlooms, passed down through generations, carrying with them the legacy of love and unity that they represent. As time passes and families grow, the doll tray becomes a symbol not only of a couple’s union but also of the enduring bonds that connect generations—a beautiful testament to the continuity of love and partnership throughout the years.


Incorporating doll trays into your wedding ceremony is a wonderful way to celebrate love, unity, and partnership while paying homage to cultural traditions. These intricately designed trays, filled with symbolic items, serve as a visual representation of the couple’s journey into matrimony. As you exchange doll trays with your partner, you honor your shared heritage and create new memories and traditions for your own family. Whether your wedding is a reflection of your cultural roots or a blend of diverse backgrounds, doll trays have the unique ability to unite hearts and cultures, making them a truly special addition to any wedding celebration. Choose the best Garigamuntha for your wedding only at Pelli Poola Jada. Visit now!

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