Floral Jewelry

Floral Jewelry: A Beautiful and Eco-Friendly Option for Brides

The blog discusses the many benefits of wearing Floral Jewelry, including its affordability, eco-friendliness, and ability to add a touch of beauty and elegance to any bridal outfit.

Jewelry completes an ensemble, so picking the proper piece is crucial. Women no longer only desire jewellery made of gold and diamonds. Women today tend to follow fashion trends and desire to acquire accessories and clothing that will keep them far ahead of the pack. Jewelry is becoming much more than just a financial investment. Women today no longer solely purchase jewellery as an investment. Rather, it is something that sets them apart from the competition and, most importantly, makes them happy. 

Also, wearing flowery jewellery will bring you joy. They come in many different designs and give you an exquisite appearance. They are appropriate for wear at all times, including parties and weddings, as well as at work and at home. Modern jewellery with floral and natural themes is fashionable right now and a wonderful addition to your collection. 

Silver, gold, and platinum jewellery with designs based on leaves, flowers, and animals are constantly in style. Whatever dress you wear may benefit from these magnificent Floral Jewelry patterns, which are frequently set with priceless stones like diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and others. Real, dried, fresh, or even synthetic flowers are used to create another sort of floral jewellery. Both precious and non-precious metals can be used to create them. They are lovely and can improve your appearance by adding a splash of vibrant colour.

In the last year, we have witnessed several Bollywood couples getting married and attending wedding festivities dressed to the nines. Yet one thing we frequently saw on the brides from B-town was their flowery jewellery. Because mehendi is the first event where everything is purely for pleasure and enjoyment, it is the ideal time to wear floral jewellery rather than the conventional bridal jewellery that has been worn for centuries. Yet, how can you make sure that the floral jewellery you wear stands out from that of other brides?

Wedding Decoration

Types of Floral Jewellery For Brides

It’s not necessary to use fresh flowers every time you make floral jewellery. Jewelry with fake flowers composed of gota, pearls, and beads is an option.

The following types of floral jewellery can be worn by brides:

  • Maang Tikka
  • Kamarbandh
  • Armlets
  • Necklace
  • Earrings
  • Hathphool
  • Anklets  
  • Bangles or bracelets
  • Nath
  • Mathapatti

Wearability of Floral Jewelry

  • Jewelry made of fresh flowers must be worn that day to prevent the flowers from drying out and losing their freshness. 
  • You can save dried flowers for later use. 
  • Another wonderful alternative is gota jewellery, but always remember to make it elegant and lightweight. Don’t go overboard. 

Affordable And Eco-Friendly Bridal Accessories

Floral jewellery is always a more affordable and wiser choice than expensive bridal jewellery. It will not only improve your bridal appearance but is also environmentally beneficial. 

Use Colorblocked Floral Jewelry with Your Wedding Gown

As you wear flowery jewellery in contrast to your bridal attire, make sure it stands out from the crowd. 

Indian Bridal Hairstyles

The New Trend Of Floral Kaleera

Every Punjabi bride must have kaleeras in her jewellery collection to wear on her wedding day. Today’s brides prefer fresh, fragrant floral kaleeras than the traditional gold kaleeras. The bride may easily handle these flowery kaleeras because she won’t have to hold the bridal lehenga, and they not only catch everyone’s attention. Look for the best Wedding Decoration items online only at Pelli Poola Jada.

Jewelry designers have always drawn inspiration from nature, particularly the plants and flowers that surround us. And it’s still accurate today. Jewelry for romantic occasions frequently has floral designs and various natural elements. Others claim that modern jewellers have started using flowery designs again. Contend that this kind of jewellery has always been popular and appropriate (maybe with the exception of the Art Décor era, which valued geometric designs and themes from the industrial age).

Although floral jewellery has been popular for a while, brides appear to be obsessing over it more and more. White flower maang tikkas were formerly popular, but they have now grown into a symbol of Indian Mehendi celebrations. For good reason, the delicately arranged bouquets of bright and delicate flowers wonderfully complement the energetic atmosphere of a mehendi ceremony. 

Oh, and not to forget, we adore how these exquisite pieces of jewellery quickly enhance the bride’s attire and make her appear “mehndi ready.” Also, the incredibly creative designers of floral jewelry are doing everything in their power to stun us with their airy and always changing creations. Brides are fortunate to have a vast selection to pick from, whether they want fresh floral jewellery or pieces with sun-dried flowers and modifications.


The most stressful yet exhilarating day for a bride to go out and be herself in every aspect is this one. Making floral jewellery seem effortlessly blendable with the rest of the wedding attire is a critical step when wearing it on your wedding day. The simplest method to strike the ideal balance between genuine and synthetic flower jewellery on this day is to wear a stunning headpiece composed of real roses and tuberoses while also wearing a detailed floral gold necklace set with diamonds and valuable stones. 

But if you’re a bride-to-be who’s unsure whether to wear floral jewellery to your mehendi ceremony or not, we’ve got photographs of actual brides who may serve as your sources of inspiration. There is flower jewellery for every type of bride, whether you are a traditional, minimalist bride or you have a thing for traditions. Please visit the website of Pelli Poola Jada today and find the best suited floral jewelleries and Indian Bridal Hairstyles.

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