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Real Vs Artificial Flowers: Where To Use What At A Wedding

Nobody could ever envision a wedding without flowers. The stunning décor of your wedding flowers will be recalled and observed by visitors for years. Nonetheless, the price of flower arrangements, buttonholes, décor, and table centrepieces may be exorbitant. Many bridal families choose fake or silk wedding flowers as an alternative to using fresh flowers. High-quality replicas of silk flowers that seem amazingly lifelike are widely available in the Indian floral industry. With both advantages and disadvantages, it entirely depends on the particular preferences of the bride, her family, and her friends.

The majority of wedding families frequently ask, “Can we substitute fake flowers for the genuine ones?”

You may use silk or fake flowers in place of fresh ones for a variety of reasons. But if you’re looking for something affordable, you’d be better off staying away from this option because silk is used to make fake flowers, which may be pricier than their real-life counterparts. There are several benefits to deciding to fake wedding flowers over actual, fresh flowers. The most important benefit is longevity because they don’t wilt and last for days without getting uninteresting. 

Deciding a fake or real flower from a distance might be challenging, so go with what suits your preferences and needs. When choosing genuine or artificial flowers, it’s crucial to take in mind your photographic ideas, budget, venue, and colour scheme. Real flowers are preferable than artificial ones when taking detailed pictures of pre- or post-wedding shots that feature flowers. Buy Kobbari Kudakalu online only from the website of Pelli Poola Jada.


Without the distinctive blooms, what is a wedding? Flowers are a traditional component of weddings that have been present for ages, regardless of the time. Yet, just because we like them doesn’t imply that the questions around wedding flowers aren’t their own. And the most significant one is: should I use real or fake flowers?

Although genuine flowers are always lovely, there are several reasons you might wish to decide fake flowers instead. Prices, the availability of specific flowers at a given season, an attempt to live sustainably, or even something as trivial as allergies. Hence, to save you money, we decided to break down where and how you may utilise genuine and artificial flowers. Hence, here are some helpful tips that can also help you stretch your décor budget!

Keep It Real At Eye Level:

Real flowers should be used for all décor arrangements that are at eye level, such as centrepieces, table decorations, and entryways. Decide the genuine article since they are the ones that will be seen and perhaps even touched.

Opt For Artificial Ones For Stages And Arches:

You may decide synthetic flowers for massive, distant décor settings like wedding stages or enormous arches. Not only will it drastically reduce the expense of the décor, but guests won’t even realise that there are flowers there.

Quality Always Matters:

Even if you choose imitation flowers, be sure your décor dealer is utilising high-quality materials. You may decide from high-quality fabric flowers or affordable plastic flowers. Find exclusive quality Garigamuntha online, beautifully decorated and designed by Pelli Poola Jada.

Follow A Ratio:

Verify what locations require genuine flowers and what can get by with fake ones. Your bridal bouquet and garlands should only contain fresh flowers. If necessary, your bridesmaids might carry identical fake flower bouquets. Typically, the best fake to real ratio for cost control and aesthetics is 70 to 30.

Pick The Right Florals To Cut Costs:

Make wise flower selections if you want more actual blossoms, but it will strain your budget. Gendaphool, as well as any other in-season local flowers, will be far less expensive than peonies, orchids, and fancy roses. Choosing locally is more environmentally responsible, less expensive, and you get more of the actual stuff!

Opt For Non-Floral Elements:

Mix dry flowers in among your actual flowers if you don’t want 70% of them to be fake. Branches, pampas grass, wood blossoms, and everyone’s favourite greenery. Utilizing a combination of fresh and dried flowers is fashionable and lovely! You can also opt for beautiful Karpuram Garlands online only at 

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Why Would I Get Fake Wedding Flowers?

Fake wedding flowers have gained popularity recently, and the selections now seem much more realistic. Using imitation flowers in your wedding is a wonderful way to save money without sacrificing elegance! Here are a few justifications for why artificial flowers could be used at your wedding.

Pros and Cons of real wedding flowers:

Real wedding flowers look considerably more lovely than fake flowers do, and because they are naturally fragrant, they also emit a nice and calming perfume. They have a distinct, natural appearance that is gentle to the touch.

They are delicate and easily broken, which might have a negative impact on the decoration. They should exclusively be used for brief periods of time since they quickly wilt and their petals lose their perfume after just a day or two. The fake flowers weigh less in comparison. Real flowers vary greatly in price depending on the season since they are pricier out of season.

Pros and Cons of artificial wedding flowers:

There might not be a significant price difference when comparing fake and real flowers. The floral arrangement has a direct impact on the price. If you choose to arrange the flowers yourself, it will be less expensive, but you will undoubtedly sacrifice presentation; nevertheless, if you hire a professional, it will be the best but pricier. Never forget that when you invest in flowers, you are also investing in the skilful arrangement of those flowers.

Many specialists play with either real or imitation flowers, but only a select handful are skilled at doing both at once. Artificial flowers are a suitable option if you’re an excessively possessive bride who demands that every element of your wedding, from the decorations to the flowers, match.

Whether you choose artificial or fresh flowers, you must ultimately be satisfied and delighted with your choice.

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The nicest thing about fake flowers is that they are readily available all year round, so you don’t have to worry about the seasons. Because of its great level of durability, your decorations can survive for many years after being used. Due to its characteristics that prevent allergies, it is highly practical to use and ideal for everyone. Since that imitation flowers can be arranged and handled with ease, deadlines are never an issue when utilising them as decorations. You may rest when carrying these flowers because they are lightweight and less delicate, making it simple to do so.

The only drawback to using these blooms is their high cost. In India, especially in the south, a flower is a necessary wedding touch, although many women have shown that genuine flowers are not necessary to make a significant statement. Brides were able to stay within their budgets and even beat the shifting weather thanks to the wonderful and distinctive arrangements produced by silk blossoms. Even silk flowers may be made into a cherished treasure by dedicating a space in your home to bouquets and posies received as wedding gifts. Shop for beautiful and authentic Pelli Peetalu online only at the website of Pelli Poola Jada. Visit now!

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