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Simple Telugu Bride Looks To Inspire You On Your Wedding Day

A Telugu bride is a vision with stunning sarees and jewellery. A Telugu bride’s overall appearance is given considerable weight. After months of preparation and looking through countless sarees and clothing options, Wedding Garlands, the ultimate wedding ensemble is put together. The Mangala Snaanam, Nischitartham, Pellikuthuru, Kashi Yatra, Gaur and Ganesh Pooja, reception, etc. are a some of the rites that constitute a Telugu wedding.

The bride must dress in a variety of wedding dresses for these distinct events. When it comes to these events, the saree is the most common option for a Telugu bride. This is a look book showing the many sarees and jewellery that a Telugu bride will wear for each occasion. Enjoy!

The Rich Traditional Bridal Sarees

Sarees are a mainstay of the Telugu bride’s attire. At each occasion, the brides must don a different style of saree. The typical wedding attire for a Telugu bride is an off-white saree with crimson zari borders. But nowadays, brides choose to wear sarees in vivid, brilliant hues like fuchsia pink, orange, blue, and a mix of colours like maroon and green, etc. Due to its luxurious textures and vibrant colours, Telugu brides love the Dharmavaram handwoven silk sarees.

The Opulent Jewellery of a Telugu Bride

The two elements that stand out most about a Telugu bride’s jewellery are the simple designs and her desire for stunning uncut diamond jewellery. The bride would often be decked up in some of the most expensive jewellery and gorgeous clothing, as is a common ritual in India. Telugu ladies enjoy wearing heavy jewellery made of pure gold and set with different kinds of gemstones and uncut diamonds for special occasions like weddings. Below is a list of the types of jewellery that a Telugu bride would wear. You may also buy Floral Melimusugu online at Pelli Poola Jada.

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Papidi Billa or Maang Tika

The hair would be separated in the middle, starting at the top of the head, and a lovely Papidi Billa would be worn with the circular section resting on the forehead. When it comes to a Telugu bride, this piece of jewellery is crucial.

Mukku Podoka or Nose Ring

Unlike the north Indian women who favour large nose rings, Telugu brides typically choose for a minimalist nose ring known as the Mukku Podoka.

Buttalu or Earrings

The Telugu bride will decide on stunning traditional gold buttalu or jhumkas as her earrings. This would complete her face features and give her a straightforward yet attractive appearance.


For a Telugu bride, layering neck pieces is the way to go. The bride displays her jewellery in flair, flaunting extravagant chokers and stunning long necklaces. The Kandabaranam, Sutralu Golusu, and Nakshi Haram are three types of various necklaces worn by Telugu brides. A kind of choker known as the Kandabaranam is constructed of gold and exquisite stones like rubies. The bride’s neck is tastefully adorned with this choker.

A Sutralu Golusu, a straightforward necklace that would hang in the middle, is the second necklace. The Nakshi Haram, the most intricate and eye-catching piece of jewellery a Telugu bride would wear, is the final piece of jewellery. This necklace is a true masterpiece that weighs a lot and is constructed of several gemstone types and gold. The necklace frequently includes contains large diamonds.

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Another distinctive item of jewellery worn by Telugu brides is called the Aravanki. This wristband is expertly fashioned from gold. On the upper arm, this band is worn loosely.

Nakshi Vaddanam

This gorgeous belly belt is crafted from gold. The bride’s tummy is covered by this jewellery. This belt once held great significance since it represented a woman’s capacity for having children. Stunning stones, both precious and semi-precious, were frequently used in the Vaddanam’s design. Most frequently, various carvings of Lord Vishnu, Lady Lakshmi, and her partner would be seen on this belt.

These pictures stand for the newly-weds’ safety and success. The bride would get the Vaddanam as a gift, and she would be required to wear it. Moreover, the Vaddanam is worn at festivals and on specific occasions.


The Gajulu or Kangan is last but certainly not least. Three distinct varieties of Kangans or Gajulus are frequently worn by Telugu brides. They would vary based on the bride’s preferences and various styles.


Makeup and Hair  

Every bride needs to wear makeup, and Telugu brides are no exception with Venis. Telugu brides typically like a basic, natural appearance. In terms of hairdo, the bride typically opts for a braided look with Fresh Flower Jewelry, decorations, hair ornaments, and billas. In the Poola Jada, fresh roses, jasmine, and lilies are utilized. Sometimes strings of these flowers are added before they are wrapped around the braid.

For brides who prefer an up do to a braid, flowers, and other fashionable hair accessories and embellishments are once again used. You now have all the information you want concerning the Telugu bride appearance. Although bridal fashions are constantly evolving, a traditional Telugu bride would often choose one of these.


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