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Top 10 Telugu Bridal Hair Styles Every Bride Should Try

A bride’s hairstyle is just as significant as her gown and cosmetics. Today’s hairstyles for brides go beyond just a tidy bun and some flowers. The hairdo a bride chooses speaks everything about her character and attitude. A superb haircut should match a perfect bridal dress. Selecting your haircut with your dress should be a deliberate decision because various hairstyles with different outfits might alter the appearance. Choose a haircut that expresses your personality, captures your attitude, and is appropriate for the situation. 

Do a comprehensive search on hairstyles when you’re deciding how to wear your dupatta or whether to participate in a Kamar bandh. Nonetheless, we are here to assist you with these cutting-edge bridal hairstyles, so don’t hesitate to reserve them!

Your wedding day is a whirlwind of emotions, not just an occasion. We understand that this is the most special day of your life and that you want to appear stunning in every way. The most stunning bride in the world is unquestionably the traditional Indian pellikuthuru, who wears a lehenga or saree and has gorintaku on her hands and feet. But it also becomes vital to match it with the appropriate cosmetics and haircut.

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The wedding customs in South India are elegant and charming. An old-fashioned vibe permeates a South Indian wedding. Yet the South Indian bride never fails to enchant us with her perfect combination of elegance, simplicity, and charm. Everything about the bride is ethereal, from her Kanjeevaram sarees to her temple jewels to her hairstyle, which may be decorated in flowers or jada. The classic haircuts of South India have never gone out of style, but modern brides are also experimenting with fresh looks that have us completely in awe. Old-fashioned designs combined with cutting-edge concepts will always be popular trends. Here are some stunning South Indian bridal hairstyles as promised for all the brides searching for ideas.

Should I make a bun out of my hair? Should I adopt a half-up, half-down hairstyle instead? Will my hair appear in the pictures? These are probably just a few of the inquiries that have been running through your mind. On your wedding day, haldi, pellikuthuru, sangeet, cocktail, and reception parties, we’ve selected some cute and stunning hairstyles that would simply look out of this world. Look them up!

The Original Sleek Bun with Gajra

The sleek bun with gajra is the perfect hairstyle for brides who don’t want to go crazy and want to keep it simple yet traditional on their wedding day. Your locks will stay in place with this hairstyle, and you’ll look lovely. Look for some exclusive floral gajra on Pelli Poola Jada online.

Traditional Heavy Jewellery and Floral Jada

This hair bun is for the bride who likes to stick with tradition while going above and beyond. Create a bun, whether or not it has a fashionable twist. and then add a large piece of heavy jewellery to your hair that totally covers your bun; alternatively, you might choose jewellery and flowers. The South Indian bride wears this type of hairdo to give her a regal and traditional appearance.

Traditional Poola Jada

The long braid with flowers is the perfect option if you want to appear like a royal, traditional bride. We have observed several variations of this traditional haircut. The arrangement of flowers and other elements can be chosen by the bride based on style.

The Traditional Mogra Bun with a Braid

A chic bun wrapped in lovely mogras that look and smell divine is never a mistake. The bride has a very traditional and Indian appearance thanks to her new mogras. Try the amazingly pretty Bridal Flower Jada from Pelli Poola Jada.

bridal flower jada

Two-toned Floral Bun

This hairdo is for the bride who wants to go a bit farther but ultimately decides against going crazy and can’t decide which colour flowers she wants to add to her hair. Create a bun, then add decoration to the edges with one colour and another colour to the centre.

Heavy Bun with Jewellery

Another conventional hairdo that has evolved over time is this one. Create a bun whatever you like—low or high. Choose some of your favourite flowers and wrap them around the bun. For a more elegant appearance, add some flowers or decorated pins to the bun. With a basic bun decorated with flowers, it’s all about the flower power. This looks classy and dignified and is a beautiful south Indian bridal hairdo.

Loose Curls Tied With Embellishments

Your hair will resemble a waterfall with this hairdo. If you have thin hair, this provides volume because it is lightly curled. To draw attention, you might dress up your hairstyle or use decorations that match your wedding clothing.

Netted Jada

The go-to and most popular hairstyle for South Indian brides getting married is the traditional Jada-covered style. The modern generation of brilliant hairstylists has given us variations on this heavier haircut. One of the Pieces has a large flowery top and is netted. This is an option for women who do not want to go all flowery but still want a detailed Look or who just do not want to bother with any hair poking out of the braid. If you have long, voluminous hair, this style would be ideal for you because it is very beautiful.

Flower Adorned Jada

This one is for contemporary brides who prefer heritage but do not want a Veil that is very florally embellished. Create a simple or twisted braid and add a row of tiny flowers or baby’s breath to give it a contemporary feel while yet honouring tradition.

Fresh Flower Jewelry

Minimal Jada With Flowers

Some brides choose to keep things simple, beautiful and refined rather than go overboard with them. The Jada is a straightforward braid with a straightforward semi-circular flowery top. If you would want to make the braid flip-worthy for your wedding shoot, you may add a little accessory (Jada Kuppulu) at the bottom of the braid.

Jada With Minimal Hair Jewellery

Once more, this one is for brides who prefer to keep things basic with a fashionable touch. Good news for jewellery lovers: you can use it for braids as well. The hair jewellery makes the entire ensemble more charming. Put the jewellery on your braid and give it a quick twist and spin. Don’t be hesitant to wear heavy jewellery that matches your attire, such as a thick necklace or a cluster of large earrings, in your hair. By wearing Fresh Flower Jewelry, you are also making a fashion statement by reusing your jewellery.

The bridal style has seen a rise in creativity and experimentation among brides. Nowadays, we do see variances and a blending of two types, but a south Indian wedding differs slightly from a north Indian wedding. There is a specific style they adhere to that makes them distinctive, but trying out a few other approaches to maintain their distinctiveness won’t do any harm, so you may use the suggestions listed above. Please explore our entire website now and check out the unique and amazing variety of products online and how affordable they are!

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