Bridal Buns For South Indian Brides

South Indian brides are renowned for their gorgeous attire, priceless jewelry, and flawless cosmetics because they are simply elegant and fuss-free while giving off a royal feeling! The variety of south Indian bridal hairstyles that we see every day also overwhelms us.

A South Indian bride’s hairstyle is one of the most essential things. Modern brides, who are typically seen wearing jadas, are now choosing fashionable buns as well. Buns are enjoyable and stylish. They are so adaptable that you can dress them in a variety of ways to suit your preferences. There is a style to fit every mood, from basic to dramatic, from flowery to messy buns.

And trust us, it’s hard for us to pick a favorite because they are all so flawlessly beautiful and inventive. How do these brides avoid becoming confused about their wedding hairstyle, we wonder? Because each hairstyle is so stunning that our hearts skip a beat!

There is undoubtedly something unique about the allure of South Indian brides that keeps us enamored constantly. Every part of South Indian brides makes us swoon over them time and time again, from their traditional sarees and lavish jewelry to their enchanting wedding-day looks.

You can choose from some of our favorite Indian bun hairstyles for saris below. For your primary muhurtas look and reception, these are fantastic. Look at that!

And lately, these brides have been going above and beyond to dazzle us with their gorgeous and varied hairstyles.


This beautiful low bun is perfect if you love purple. Adorn it with a white or cream gajra and a minimal stud at the center and you are good to go!


This bun is perfect for you if you want to carry that traditional south Indian bride look with white and gold gajra along with a beautiful round clip at the centre.

This bun gives has a bit of excitement added to it because of the French braid that holds the bun. Cover it with a white gajra and you have the perfect wedding look.


We have tried giving you an insight into the beautiful designs of bridal buns that you can try out this wedding season. You can get such pieces from our website and also get a customized one if you have a choice of our own. We wish you a happy wedding season!


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