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Telugu Bridal Attire: A Graceful Presence to Make The Day Special

A Telugu bride with beautiful sarees and jewellery is a sight to see. The general look of a Telugu bride is very important. After months of preparation and looking through countless sarees and clothing options, the ultimate wedding ensemble is put together. The Mangala Snaanam, Nischitartham, Pellikuthuru, Kashi Yatra, Gaur and Ganesh Pooja, reception, etc. are a some of the rites that make up a Telugu wedding. The bride must dress in a variety wedding dresses for these distinct events. The saree is the most popular choice for a Telugu bride for these occasions. Just search Pelli Poola Jada Near Me and fine the finest bridal accessories that a Telugu bride will wear for each occasion. Enjoy!

The Rich Traditional Bridal Sarees

Sarees are a mainstay of the Telugu bride’s attire. The brides must wear a new saree style for each event. A Telugu bride typically wears an off-white saree with red zari borders during her wedding. But these days, brides like to wear sarees in vibrant, eye-catching colours like fuchsia pink, orange, blue, and a combination of colours like maroon and green, among others. Telugu brides like the Dharmavaram handmade silk sarees for its plush fabrics and brilliant hues.

These sarees have intricate needlework throughout and a gorgeous pattern made of golden brocade. A Telugu bride would also be seen wearing sarees from the Gadwal, Venkatagiri, and Ponchampally regions. Telugu brides may also opt to wear colourful veils over their heads in some areas. To make the outfit stand out, the saree, blouse, and veil are typically adorned with sequins, embroidery, stones, and other sorts of luxurious embellishments. A Telugu bride would therefore switch from her vivid Dharmavaram sarees to her customary white and red saree for all of her rituals, from the Mangala Snaanam through the great reception.

The Opulent Jewellery of a Telugu Bride

The two things about a Telugu bride’s jewellery that stand out the most are the straightforward designs and her passion for magnificent uncut diamond jewellery. As is customary in India, the bride would frequently be dressed out in the most expensive jewellery and stunning attire. During important events like weddings, Telugu women prefer wearing heavy jewellery that is crafted of pure gold and set with a variety of gemstones and uncut diamonds. The several forms of jewellery that a Telugu bride could wear are listed below. Those can also be matched with Bridal Flower Jada from Pelli Poola Jada.

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Papidi Billa

A gorgeous Papidi Billa would be worn with the circular piece lying on the forehead after the hair was divided in the centre, beginning at the top of the head. When it comes to a Telugu bride, this piece of jewellery is crucial.

Mukku Podoka

Contrary to north Indian women who favour large nose rings, Telugu brides typically choose for a minimalist nose ring known as the Mukku Podoka.


The Telugu bride will choose stunning traditional gold buttalu or jhumkas as her earrings. Her facial characteristics would be completed, giving her a simple yet appealing appearance.


The best approach for a Telugu bride is to pile her neck jewellery. The bride exhibits her jewellery with style, showing off ostentatious chokers and gorgeous long necklaces. The Sutralu Golusu, Nakshi Haram, and Kandabaranam are three examples of the different necklaces worn by Telugu brides. The Kandabaranam is a style of choker made of gold and priceless gems like rubies. This necklace is elegantly worn around the bride’s neck.

The second necklace is a Sutralu Golusu, a simple piece that would hang in the middle. The last piece of jewellery a Telugu bride would wear is the Nakshi Haram, which is the most elaborate and striking item. This necklace is a magnificent work of art that is made of various different kinds of gemstones and gold. The necklace frequently includes contains large diamonds.


Another distinctive item of jewellery worn by Telugu brides is called the Aravanki. This wristband is expertly fashioned from gold. This bracelet is worn casually on the upper arm.

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Nakshi Vaddanam

This gorgeous belly belt is crafted from gold. The bride’s tummy is covered by this jewellery. This belt used to be quite important since it stood for a woman’s ability to have children. Beautiful semi-precious and valuable stones were regularly used in the Vaddanam’s design. On this belt, numerous carvings of Lord Vishnu, Lady Lakshmi, and her companion are most often observed. These images represent the security and prosperity of the newly-weds. The Vaddanam would be given to the bride as a present, and she would have to wear it. The Vaddanam is further worn at festivals and on particular occasions.


Finally, is the Gajulu or Kangan. Telugu brides usually don one of three different types of kangans, also known as Gajulus. Depending on the bride’s tastes and different styles, they would change.

Makeup and Hair

Telugu brides are no different from other brides in the need to apply cosmetics. Telugu brides typically like a basic, natural appearance. In terms of hairdo, the bride typically opts for a braided look with flowers, decorations, hair ornaments, and billas. In the Pelli Poola Jada, fresh roses, jasmine, and lilies are utilised. Sometimes strings of these flowers are added before they are wrapped around the braid.

For brides who prefer an updo to a braid, flowers and other fashionable hair accessories and embellishments are once again used. Now that you know everything there is to know about Telugu bride look, you may go on. Although bridal fashions are constantly evolving, a traditional Telugu bride would often choose one of these. Visit our Pelli Poola Jada website now and explore the products.

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