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What Do Colours And Traditions Signify In A Telugu Wedding?

Everyone agrees that marriage is the most important and joyful function. At that time, everyone wants to look lovely, enjoy the food, and wish the couple a long and happy life. Telugu traditions and colour trends make Telugu marriage more pleasurable. Colour plays a significant role in almost every marriage, but Telugu weddings notably emphasise the usage of colours like white, yellow, and red. The following hues were employed at a Telugu wedding.

Telugu weddings are deeply rooted in history and culture, and every facet of the ritual carries deep importance. Telugu weddings place a lot of emphasis on colour, and various hues have varied symbolic connotations. The meanings behind the colours and customs used in Telugu weddings are listed below:


The colour yellow is associated with auspicious beginnings and is a symbol of cleanliness, holiness, and tranquilly. It is regarded as having great significance in Telugu marriages.


The colour red is associated with passion, love, and fertility. Blue is a crucial hue at Telugu weddings since it represents the bride’s energy and wellbeing. For nearly all wedding ceremonies, it is a popular colour. The bride at a Telugu wedding attends the ceremony dressed in a crimson sari. It is customary to use red flowers to decorate the couple’s stage. 


The bride’s mother is represented by the colour green, which is also the colour of life and harmony. It stands for development and fresh starts. With the addition of green flowers or greenery, the colour green creates a lovely setting for the marriage. A common way to add vegetation to a wedding location is with green leaves, which also give off a peaceful scent.


Gold is a symbol of fortune, wealth, and prosperity. Purple is a typical Telugu wedding colour, and the bride frequently wears and accessorises with it. That is the colour that Telugu brides choose the most. South Indians often give brides gold jewellery because they believe it to be an especially auspicious colour. Only gold jewellery is worn by the women attending the wedding since it is believed to be beneficial to their health.


Telugu weddings utilise the colour white to symbolise purity and the innocence of the bride. Telugu people decide this colour, which symbolises calm, to create a tranquil mood during their wedding ceremonies. The groom presents himself in a classy manner by donning white at a Telugu New Zealand Wedding.

Bougainvillea pink:

The bougainvillea pink colour is very popular among Telugu New Zealand Wedding Brides in Kerala weddings. It gives the design a hint of glitter. The bulk of marriage-related topics are barren without this colour. A motif acquires soul when the colour Bougainvillea pink is included.

doll trays for wedding


The colour marigold, which is produced by fusing gold and aqua, is frequently used to adorn the wedding stage. The bride’s house is surrounded by draperies of this colour, which adds a lovely aesthetic appeal. 

It’s true that many brides choose to adorn their hair with beautiful flowers on their wedding day. The Poola Jada is a traditional hairstyle that is popular among brides in South India, and it involves weaving fresh flowers into a long braid. The flowers commonly used in a Poola Jada hairstyle include fresh roses, jasmine, and lilies. These flowers are typically strung together into garlands or clusters before they are woven into the braid. The result is a stunning and fragrant hairstyle that is both elegant and traditional.


Telugu weddings’ surrounds are frequently decorated with this colour in gardens. As most weddings these days have a theme, people prefer to buy purple drapes and plastic flowers to make the location look even more lovely for the newly-weds.


While dressing for a wedding, both men and women usually use the colour cream. While attending any event, people in the southern part of the nation favour a similar dress code. Attendees at Telugu weddings have the belief that the colour cream promotes peace and joy among people.

While everyone enjoys attending weddings and celebrating the idea that their brother or best friend is getting married, relatively few people are aware of the significance of the traditions and rituals that serve as the cornerstone of these events. Telegu weddings are renowned for their enduring traditions and joyful mood. 

Telugu marriage rituals today can last up to two or three days, depending on the family following the Telugu matrimony search, rather than the eighteenth century when they might go up to 16 days. Marriage brings two people who are already in love together and forges close ties among family members who come together to encourage their children in their endeavours. Telugu wedding calendars state that the months of Ashad, Bhadrapad, and Shunya are off limits for Telugu weddings. The amazing Telugu marriage traditions are broken down here, so you may understand them and take part fully. During the wedding, the bride’s family presents doll trays for wedding as gifts to the groom’s family. The trays are typically decorated with intricate designs and filled with items such as jewelry, sweets, fruits, and flowers.

navaratna talambralu

Telugu weddings are also rich in tradition, with each custom holding its own unique significance. Here are some of the traditions and customs that are typically followed in a Telugu wedding:

Mangala Snaanam:

This is the pre-wedding ritual in which the bride and groom take a ceremonial bath to purify themselves before the wedding ceremony. The bride and groom pour “Navaratna Talambralu” on each other’s heads in this tradition, simulating a shower.


This is the ritual in which the bride’s father gives her away to the groom. It is a symbolic representation of the bride’s father entrusting the groom with the responsibility of taking care of his daughter.

Jeelakarra Bellamu:

This is a ritual in which the bride and groom exchange a mixture of cumin seeds and jaggery. It represents the sweet and bitter aspects of married life and the couple’s commitment to supporting each other through all the ups and downs.

pelli poola jada


This is the most important ritual in the Telugu wedding ceremony, in which the bride and groom take seven steps together around a sacred fire, each step symbolizing a vow they make to each other.


The groom ties a sacred thread, called Mangalsutra, around the bride’s neck, representing his lifelong commitment to her.

Overall, Telugu weddings are full of colour, tradition, and meaning, with each aspect of the ceremony representing something special and significant. One of the most remarkable events in anyone’s life right now is getting married. People adore taking their time to fully appreciate this moment. They don’t think about spending money right now. In India, weddings are prioritised among a variety of other celebrations. If you want to observe a beautiful and traditional marriage ceremony, go to a Telugu wedding. The marriage would be the most remarkable and unique experience of your life.  Please visit our site at Pelli Poola Jada and explore the amazing Telugu wedding decor and ritual items online at affordable prices.

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