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The bride and groom look forward to their wedding day for months since it is the happiest day of their lives. Typically, newly-weds spend between 15 and 20 lacs on their wedding. According to the community, caste, and culture, the quantity increases. Making the most of your funds can allow you to have a lavish wedding on a tight budget.

You may use a variety of strategies to keep the cost of your Telugu wedding modest. Use whatever you have to the fullest extent possible because the wedding only happens once in a lifetime. Here are 10 ideas to help keep the cost of your Telugu wedding low:

  • Affordable wedding invitation cards:  Be sure to use everything to its full potential and make the most of the leftovers and waste while planning your wedding on a budget. Obtain inexpensive wedding invitations for your Telugu wedding instead of spending a lot of money on wasteful paper that you can’t even use to adorn your home.
  • Honeymoon packages:  Always reserve a package while planning your honeymoon because the purpose of the trip is to get to know each other better and not to waste time or money looking for hotels or paying extra for amenities like taxis. Always choose a reputable, dependable travel agent to plan your honeymoon package.
  • Take help of friends in decoration:  To save a lot of money on wedding decorations, you may enlist the assistance of your family and friends. It’s okay to enlist your family’s assistance in decorating your home or venue because it will help them pass the time and make the job more enjoyable. Find Wedding Garlands Rose Petals online at a very affordable price only at Pelli Poola Jada.

Wedding Garlands Rose Petals

  • Get a wedding planner:  It is best to engage a wedding planner if you have no idea what to do for a wedding. There are several activities to engage in at a Telugu marriage.
  • Buy affordable clothes:  Always get inexpensive wedding attire. Spending a lot of money on clothing is not advised because it is rarely worn. Always buy clothes on discount because clothing may be pricey when it is brand new. You’ll get to keep the money you save. Even shoes, accessories, and other necessities are available on discount.
  • Use E-cards to invite family and friends:  Nowadays, people use social media websites that are popular with users as a platform to send and receive invites and presents. Instead of sending invitation cards to your friends and coworkers, you may send them an e-invite.
  • Choose rental bridal outfit:  Even your bridal attire, from renowned designer names, is available for rental. Renting a bridal Lehenga or wedding dress is quite acceptable.
  • Hire a friend to do your wedding photography:  You might employ a buddy who is taking a professional photography school or has a keen interest in the subject for the wedding photographs.
  • Ask your friend or relative to do makeup for you:  Given the high cost of salon makeup, you might ask a friend or relative to perform your wedding makeup.
  • Avoid expensive wedding venue:  Avoid spending a lot of money on a destination wedding or pricey wedding venues while organising your wedding. Therefore, always pick the least expensive location for the wedding.

You can’t do all the planning on your own; therefore you need to employ a Telugu wedding planner. Simply establish a budget for your wedding, give the necessary funds to the wedding planner, and describe your ideal wedding day to them. Their headache is to plan, implement, and carry out. There is no need for you to worry about anything like Wedding Decoration when Pelli Poola Jada is here to provide you that at affordable rates. They are always there to help, even if last-minute changes are required. The head of the bride’s or groom’s family is greatly relieved of their burden by wedding planners. Yet, these planners also devour a sizable portion of your budget.

Wedding Decoration

Hire Wedding Planners To Minimize Your Budget

Most people lack administrative and organisational abilities, which leads to chaos in wedding preparation and costs. So, it is usually preferable to employ a wedding coordinator who can help you feel luxurious without breaking the bank. Only when you are stress-free can you truly feel like a prince or princess, and this tension can only be released after you engage a wedding planner. You may assist your planner put things within budget while still making your event elegant by getting quotes for various items like as bands, cakes, flowers, and decorations.

Choose An Off-Season To Get Married

Amazing! Choosing a wedding date outside the traditional wedding season is definitely a fantastic idea. By doing this, you may save a lot of money on the venue and benefit from exclusive discounts on flowers, decorations, food, and other services. You won’t feel like you’re breaking the bank by getting married during the off-season since you’ll be able to save money on everything from your wedding location to your wedding attire. You may maximise your usage of the budget in this way. In Telugu marriage, the parents of the bride and groom frequently search for inexpensive methods to host a lavish celebration or wedding. Furthermore, weekends are a great time to save money.

Narrow Down Your Guest List

You should whittle down the guest list since not everyone needs to be invited to your Telugu wedding. Each name on the list is not required because it would add another dinner plate and champagne glass. Only significant and close family members should be invited. Simply family and friends would do. Selecting your guest list is important.

You can save a considerable amount of money on practically every component of your wedding budget by doing your homework and making a few little adjustments. Please visit our website, Pellipoolajada now!

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