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12 Types Of Flowers For Your Bridal Hairstyle

On your big day, it has long been customary to accessorise your hair with pretty flowers. The majority of women put beautiful jasmine flowers, also known as gajras, in their hair on the day of their wedding. These gajras are unquestionably lovely, but they have also lost their freshness.The Poola Jada with real flowers helps embellish your beauty in the style of garlands.

It’s true what they say, “Blooms and weddings go hand in hand.” Several components of the celebration, such as the decor, garlands, and the bride’s attire, heavily depend on flowers. Given how nice it is, why not? They instantly provide brightness and fragrance to whatever they are a part of. Most brides choose floral motifs, especially for their hairstyles, probably because of this.

We have a list of flowers that you can use to decorate your hair on the big day if you are also tired of gajras and want to try something new.

  • Pansies

The amusing thing about these lovely blooms is that, although the majority of us have seen them frequently, we don’t know their name. They’re called pansies, and there is no denying that they are among the most beautiful flowers. These are a great option for your sangeet, mehndi, or haldi look because they come in a number of vibrant colors like purple, fuchsia, magenta, and more.

  • Baby’s Breath

Searching for the greatest flowers to wear in your bridal hair? Let’s move on to baby’s breath, which is currently the second-most popular and fashionable flower on the bridal market. These adorable small items have a certain quality that can effortlessly improve your appearance. These flowers can be used to accent a bun, a braid, or any other type of hairstyle, for that matter. Its diminutive size also makes it simple to combine them with other flowers, such as daisies, roses, etc.

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  • Roses

On your wedding day, roses, one of the most stunning, elegant, and widely accessible flowers, can quickly make you feel like a princess. Apart from their oh-so-dreamy scent, these everlasting classic blooms have many distinct color options, which is their best feature. This allows you the freedom to mix and match based on the color of your clothing or the style of makeup you’ve chosen. The wedding garlands of rose petals are always beautiful.

  • Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are the best option for all the less-over-the-top brides out there who adore flowers but choose a subdued gown in a pastel color. These are the ideal accessories to wear with light-colored clothing because they are available in a number of pastel hues like baby pink, cream, lilac, and sky blue. You know what to do if your wedding attire is a really dark color and you want to balance your look with something more straightforward in your hair!

  • Orchids

When worn with pastel-colored attire, orchids look especially lovely added to bridal hairstyles. You can combine them with other blooms of your choice or choose an orchid string in various colors. Totes your call, sweet future bride!

  • Dahlias

These gorgeous, vibrant blossoms make wonderful bun decorations. Its petals typically have two colours, giving them a distinctive appearance. Dahlias are large flowers, so rather than using the entire flower, brides typically choose to tie its petals around the bun. But, you can always request that your hairstylist try a new style if you like.

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  • Daisies

Another example of flowers that might add additional stars to already gorgeous bridal attire are these widely accessible blooms. While most brides and hairstylists prefer white and yellow daisies, you can determine which color complements your attire and overall appearance and make that selection. Daisy blossoms are ideal for bridal hair and look great in half-up braided hairstyles or open wavy hairstyles. These flowers can also be perfect as Haldi jewellery.

  • Carnations

The most elegant and stylish flowers you will ever see are carnations. The fact that these blooms come in such lovely color variants is their best feature. They can be used to create an amazing ombre effect. You must try carnations if you don’t want to use a bridal veil to cover your head. You’ll adore them, we guarantee it!

  • Bouganvillea

These vibrant, affordable blooms are often underappreciated. The ideal ones for your hairdo are those that can withstand a long evening without losing their appearance or ruining your look on the wedding day. Choose these lovely blooms, and you may enjoy your wedding without worrying about your hair.

Pelli poola jada

  • Frangipani

It is about time we drew some much-needed inspiration from the flowers that Hawaiian women have worn as jewelry for decades. They are ideal for beach weddings and will provide a touch of the tropics to fit your theme.

  • Chrysanthemum

The Chrysanthemum is a flower that appears utterly stunning when placed on a wedding hairstyle, and is the next type of flower for bridal hair that is popular among aspiring brides. This flower, which stands for joy and optimism, is ideal for your bridal bun or bridal braid hairdo. 

  • Jasmine

You didn’t really think we’d overlook the venerable mogra, often known as jasmine, in this list, did you? Mogra must be included in any list of flowers for bridal hairstyles, we all know that! After all, nothing resembles the traditional gajra. Like this lovely bride over here, you can experiment with a jaali gajra to give your bridal look a hint of the old world. If you want a more conventional appearance, you may also wrap a garland of mogras around your braid or bun hairdo.

Wrap Up the Flowers on the Special Day

Flowers are a simple, natural way to enhance your appearance with their scent and decorative elements. With lovely flowers, you can also control the style of every marriage-related occasion. Whether you are finding Pelli Poola Jada with real flowers or other flower ornaments, Pelli Poola Jada can be the best place for you.

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