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Top Tips To Keep A Traditional Telugu Wedding Simple

Telugu weddings are unquestionably entertaining to see. Telugu Marriage is still unique, regardless of the luxury, traditional setting, laid-back manner, updated or opulent aesthetics. Weddings have a unique beauty and appeal, and because of the vibrant atmosphere and the pure excitement that go along with them, weddings have been prominently featured in numerous Indian films. There was and is this mindset to make your wedding a gala affair and blend tradition with lavish modernity.

But, the younger generation thinks differently here. They want to keep the vibrancy and appeal of Telugu weddings intact, yet keep the simplicity firm and budget tight. Making a theme-based wedding is the ideal method to combine the simplicity of a traditional wedding with that modern touch. They deliver a straightforward yet impressive performance without breaking the bank.

The traditional theme

The traditional setting is best if you want to have a theme wedding while keeping things straightforward and anchored in your traditions. Just make sure you adorn the venue with traditional brass lamps or deepshikhas to obtain that coveted light and effect. You may always illustrate classic dances like Bharatanatyam and Kucchipudi and present folklore using themes and magnificent sculptures. These elements bolster the appeal of the venue. Include Poola Jada in the attire.

Setting things up

Many Telugu couples struggle to select the best theme for their wedding since the structure and style are so fresh. You can find a series of themes to beautify, enliven and enrich your wedding ceremony. Establishing your viewpoint and priorities comes first.

Using Origami theme

It’s a unique theme that you can opt for. The wedding entails paper with objects of flower, and colourful paper decking the venue in place conventional flowers or similar arrangements. That certainly give the set a special and distinctive charm. By doing this, you may significantly reduce the cost of flower arrangements.

Ungarala Bindi

Use the flowers wisely

The most practical choice is to use marigold and jasmine flowers to decorate the venue with flowers. Simply request that your guests dress up in traditional Kanjeevaram saris. The male can wear the traditional lungis. Undoubtedly, it can create a theme which will compensate for the reduction in costs that you make, be that in lights, flowers, and venue or guest list. Try Ungarala Bindi from Pelli Poola Jada.

The unassailable red and gold pattern

One of the finest methods to make your Telugu wedding basic yet appealing is to choose this theme. You utilize draperies in crimson and gold and add them to the decor. To get the desired appearance, you must ask that all visitors wear customary red and gold attire. The combination of colours may undoubtedly turn the room crimson. This theme is so simple yet so majestic.

Floral and garden style

It is well known that Telugu people like their dresses, flowers, and gajras. This backdrop may be used to develop a flowery motif.

The goal is to keep things straightforward, and different flower kinds may be used to embellish any indoor space. Use flowery headwear to accomplish the same thing.

Telugu wedding tradition like Pelli Butta in South India, where the bride’s maternal uncles carry her in a basket (called Butta) to the wedding mandapam (venue), is very popular. It is a symbolic representation of the bride’s maternal family’s love and support for her during her wedding.

Pelli Butta

Here are some more tips:

Keep the decor simple:

You can save a lot of money by keeping the decor simple. Use local flowers and minimalistic decor to create an elegant yet budget-friendly ambiance.

Simplify the menu:

Telugu weddings usually have a wide variety of dishes on the menu. To keep it simple, you can limit the number of dishes and focus on quality over quantity.

Opt for traditional attire:

Instead of buying expensive designer wear, choose traditional attire that is simple and elegant. This will not only save you money but also add a touch of authenticity to the wedding.

karpuram Garlands

Avoid unnecessary expenses:

There are many unnecessary expenses that can be avoided, such as elaborate wedding invitations, expensive wedding favours, and unnecessary gifts.

DIY projects:

You can save money by doing some wedding preparations yourself. For example, you can make your own wedding invitations, centrepieces, and decorations.

Keep the wedding ceremony short:

Instead of having a long and elaborate wedding ceremony, keep it short and sweet. This will not only save time but also keep the guests engaged and interested.

Decide a simple and affordable venue such as a community hall or a temple, instead of an extravagant banquet hall or a hotel. This will help you save on venue costs and keep the wedding simple and traditional. Remember, a simple Telugu wedding can be just as meaningful and memorable as an elaborate one. Focus on the traditions and customs that are important to you and your families, and keep the celebration true to your values and preferences. Find Karpuram Garlands online only at the website of Pelli Poola Jada. Visit now!

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