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Learn About These 10 Types of Flowers For Your Bridal Hairstyle

It has long been a tradition to dress up your hair with lovely flowers on your special day. On the day of their wedding, the majority of Indian Bridal Hairstyles place exquisite jasmine flowers, also known as gajras, in their hair. These gajras are indeed beautiful, but they have also become stale. If you’re also sick of gajras and want to try something else, we have a list of flowers that you may use to embellish your hair on the big day.

Indian bridal hairstyles - Pelli Poola Jada



We’ll start with the basics: after gajras, roses are our go-to hair accessories. Nowadays, every bride tries this, and you can even spot a tonne of famous brides sporting flowers in various colours in their hair. Apart from their oh-so-dreamy scent, these everlasting classic blooms have many distinct colour options, which is their finest feature. This allows you the freedom to mix and match based on the colour of your clothing or the kind of makeup you’ve chosen.

Baby’s Breath

They may be used for any hairstyle, including open hairstyles, buns, and braids. The ability to mix these little flowers with any other flower is a benefit. They always manage to amaze. Are you looking for the most beautiful flowers to put in your wedding hair? Let’s move on to baby’s breath, the second-most popular and stylish flower on the bridal market at the moment. These adorable small items have a certain quality that may simply improve your appearance. These flowers may be used to accent a bun, a braid, or any other type of hairstyle for that matter. They also become simple to operate because of their small size.


One of the most beautiful flowers there is without a doubt, is the pansy. I’m sure we’ve all seen them, but we’ve never considered using one. You now know that you may use them for your bridal hairstyle since they will undoubtedly improve your appearance and provide you the freedom to play with the wide range of colour possibilities. The amusing thing about these lovely blossoms is that although the majority of us have seen them frequently, we don’t know their name. These are a great option for your sangeet, Mehndi, or Haldi look because they come in several vibrant colours, including purple, fuchsia, magenta, and more.


In addition to being used as decorations or in bouquets, orchids may also be worn as a hair item. You will be the talk of the town for a very long time if you choose the ideal colour to complement your clothing. You know, they don’t only look stunning in bouquets! Orchids in bridal hairstyles appear especially attractive when paired with pastel-colored clothing. You may combine them with other flowers of your choosing or choose an orchid string in various colours. Totes your call, sweet future wife! You may use them in Garlands For Wedding too!

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These flowers are the ideal alternative for you if you have picked a pastel-colored dress. These are available in a range of pale colours, such as lilac, sky blue, baby pink, and cream. These look best with light-colored clothing, but you can also use them to contrast a dark-coloured outfit. Hydrangeas are the greatest option for all the less-over-the-top brides out there who adore flowers but choose a subdued gown in a pastel colour. They are the ideal accessory to wear with light-colored clothing because they are available in a variety of pastel hues like baby pink, cream, lilac, and sky blue. In the event that your wedding attire is particularly black and you wish to


For an open hairstyle or a bun, dahlias are ideal. These gorgeous blooms typically come in two colours, giving you a distinctive appearance. Including these flowers will undoubtedly improve your hairstyle. These incredible, vibrant blooms make wonderful bun decorations. Their petals typically have two colours, giving them a distinctive appearance. Dahlias are enormous blooms, thus brides usually opt to knot the flower’s petals around the bun rather of using the whole thing. However, you can always request that your hairstylist try a different style if you like.


One of the most attractive and sophisticated flowers that come in a range of colours is carnations. We guarantee that you will look stunning if you choose different colours for your haircut that go with your clothing. The fact that these blooms come in such lovely colour variants is their finest feature. These can be used to create an unbelievable ombre effect. You must try carnations if you would rather not use a bridal veil to cover your head. You can always pair them with Flower Jewellery from Pelli Poola Jada.

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These flowers would look stunning in a bridal hairdo. While most people decide white and yellow daisies, any colour will work depending on your outfit. The fact that they are affordable and adaptable enough to go with any hairstyle is their biggest feature.Another example of flowers that might add additional stars to an already gorgeous bridal attire is these widely accessible blossoms. While most brides and hairstylists decide white and yellow daisies, you can determine which colour complements your attire and overall appearance and make that selection. Daisy blooms look stunning in half-up braided hairstyles or open wavy hairstyles, which are both perfect for bridal hair. Daisy blooms look stunning in half-up braided hairstyles or open wavy hairstyles, which are both perfect for bridal hair.


It is about time we drew some much-needed inspiration from the flowers that Hawaiian women have worn as jewellery for decades. These are ideal for beach weddings and will add a touch of the tropics to fit your theme. 

Purple Flowers

The purple flower kinds that are popular with soon-to-be brides are the following. Whether it’s gladiolus, cosmos, petunia, balloon flower, lavender, or brachyscome. When added to an incredible hairdo, these purple flowers are nothing less than a godsend for the hairstyle and appear lovely. 

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The ideal ones for your hairdo are those that can last a long evening without losing their appearance or ruining your look on the wedding day. Choose these lovely blooms, and you may enjoy your wedding without worrying about your hair. Try the Floral Jewellery available on our website to complete the look. Visit now!

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