Designs Created By An Artist For Jeelakarra Bellam

Even if the bride and groom have been friends for a while, there is something incredibly unique about the glance you share at the mandap. You probably feel your heart skip a beat when you first see your fiancé. The bride is elegantly draped with veils, Ghoongat, or even pan leaves for Bengalis, regardless of the culture. We also employ Addutera, a Telugu ritual, to hide the bride. Only once the bride is exposed after the Jeelakarra Bellam do the anxious minutes end.

An antique white silk dhoti with the Swastika mark was worn back then, called the Addutera. But now that everything associated with weddings has a designer makeover, even Addutera has undergone a transformation with colourful colours and images. With so many designs on the market, we are now displaying some incredible Addutera that are popular.

Addutera with the bride and grooms names:

You may have them created by your designers or get them from any retailer that sells wedding accessories, such as Pellipoolajada.

Kalamkari Addutera with wedding themed paintings:

On fabric, kalamkari paintings are typically created, bringing numerous legendary scenes to life. They are unique and able to create a statement on your auspicious day because they are coloured with natural vegetable colours. 

Which Telugu heart doesn’t fall for Bapu paintings:

The guests’ hearts are guaranteed to be won over by the reproduction of his Kalyanam artwork on the ivory coloured cloth? With the help of your wedding providers, have them digitally printed or painted over.

Netted Addutera:

Last but not least, these tiny screens made of jasmine and flowers are very sweet. They may quickly capture everyone’s attention with their intricate creative patterns and vibrant hues. Not to add that they support the bride and groom with their crazy peek-a-boo game.

Engagement Platters

With our finest selections at your disposal, you can now get inventive and have your Addutera customised to match your wedding’s theme. Pellipoolajada specialises in flowery Addutera and netting patterns.

When searching for event planners in Hyderabad or a group of specialists who can turn your vision into a reality, pick the top experts with a track record of organising spectacular, unforgettable weddings. Mars Event Planner may assist in planning your ideal event in a distinctive and opulent manner. Buy wonderful Engagement Platters online from Pelli Poola Jada.

We are aware that every wedding is distinctive, and every prospective bride or groom has a particular vision for how things will turn out. As a result, we create wedding events that are completely customised. Our objective is to create and arrange your stunning once-in-a-lifetime occasion, and it is made easier by our ability to comprehend and picture what is vital to you.

Addutera Designs For Wedding

The day of your wedding must be all about you! We pledge to design your wedding ceremony in accordance with your wishes and are dedicated to attending to even the smallest aesthetic aspects. Our wedding event management staff handles every detail, from Addutera to Garlands, Rangoli to Bridal Makeup, Pelli Pallaki to Presents or whatever else you require, to stealthily remove all your worries.

Wedding Garlands Rose Petals

Before the Muhurtham, you must have undoubtedly gazed into your fiancé’s eyes a thousand times. Yet, women, there is a certain enchantment about peering through the Addutera and attempting to sneak a peek of your spouse. Hence, choose the ideal Addutera from the many Addutera Designs to fit you in order to make those memories linger for the rest of your life. We take great satisfaction in being the city’s top wedding event planner. We would be delighted to get to know you and discover your interests. Get in touch with us to experience a wonderful wedding within your price range.

As a result, the Addutera or Terasala is put between them, with a few family members holding either end. Even though it is a modest piece of clothing, sophisticated patterns are also available for the straightforward Addutera or Terasala in today’s world of designer weddings. As a result, the formerly plain and straightforward Addutera has evolved into a variety of Addutera designs, some of which feature scenes from epics such as Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, Radha Krishna, etc.

The Addutera and Terasala both include floral prints and royal wedding scenes with elephants and musicians. Furthermore, to add interest and complete the visual charm, actual flowers are hung on each side of the Terasala. Even though it is uncommon, lace can be utilised in Addutera and Terasala patterns. We routinely develop new designs as we are constantly changing. Buy beautiful Wedding Garlands Rose Petals today only at the website of Pelli Poola Jada. Visit now!

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