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Stunning Floral Garlands For Indian Weddings: 8 Designs To Check

One of the most important ceremonies in any Hindu wedding is the exchange of varmalas. Yet, the most entertaining and adorable jaimala moments are shared by South Indian couples. And to prove it, we have combed through our Pinterest and Instagram feeds to bring you a mind-blowing selection of South Indian wedding garland designs that are equally lovely and revitalising. There are several South Indian wedding customs, such as the traditional engagement ceremony and Muhurtham, that involve exchanging garlands. There are several South Indian varmala inspirations that you may take for your future wedding, ranging from OTT heavy to basic and delicate ones. 

Because of their purity and cultural significance, flower Garlands For Wedding play a crucial role in Hindu weddings. Look at these contemporary trends. Indian weddings are full of customs and splendour, and one of the most popular ceremonies is the Jaimala ceremony, in which the bride and groom adorn each other with exquisitely crafted garlands.

Most people are aware that the exchange of garlands signifies the acceptance of the marriage proposal by both the bride and the groom. No matter the faith, the custom has remained the same, and over time, various fashionable garland patterns and styles have been developed. Selecting the ideal garland has undoubtedly become more difficult due to the many colours and combinations, as well as the use of both fake and genuine flowers. We’ll make this part simple for you, so don’t worry!

Why do Hindu marriages choose floral garlands?

In the past, floral garlands were believed to be a tradition practised by Gods and Goddesses as a promise of an eternal union. We continue these customs in remembrance of our higher beings and to infuse the wedding with a spiritual undertone. You may have observed that whether it is a birthday or a wedding, flowers are often the most fundamental element of most festivities around us. Flowers are a symbol of joy, wealth, and good wishes. Let us assist you if you are choosing a floral garland for your wedding because various flowers have various meanings! .

Red, for instance, symbolises love and romance, while beige and ivory speak of monarchy and orange, pink, and yellow, respectively, speak of zeal, compassion, and loyalty. To help you find the perfect flower garlands for your special day, the post will expose you to a few fantastic possibilities.

White classic

If you’re looking for a beautiful white garlands, this may be the one for you because of its unparalleled splendour. If you’re searching for Garlands For Wedding, this is a fantastic option because the white mala with grass and flower rings symbolises purity.

Haldi Jewellery

Pink and green combo

Follow the example of this astute bride and pick a garland that boosts your entire appearance while enhancing the colour of your clothing. Pink blossoms and green grass capture perfectly the feelings of pleasure and purity. Real flowers are frequently chosen because of their scent and freshness.

Tubular garland

If you and your partner are among the modern couples that want modern touches in every aspect of your wedding, including the décor and garlands, then this white tubular Varmala is ideal for you! If you’re looking for flower garlands for Indian weddings with a modern twist, the mix of white strands with colourful floral rings around it is a fantastic choice with Haldi Jewelry!

Royal roses

The majority of garlands feature rose petals to give grace, but this collection of flower garlands for Indian weddings includes a special one. If you’re searching for a traditional garland with a modern twist, this one from the list of flower garlands for Indian weddings is a perfect choice since the large red flowers are the epitome of love and caring.


Tulsi garlands

Some of you might not be aware of the importance of Tulsi garlands in South Indian brahmin traditions for brides. When it comes to all Hindu marriages and traditions, holy basil, or Tulsi, is regarded as one of the most auspicious plants. If you’re seeking for holy flower garlands for Indian weddings, this garland’s solemnity and cleanliness are unmatched.

Blessed with Lotus

Choose such lovely flower garlands for Indian weddings if you want a distinctive garland. The lotus is considered to be the most holy flower in Hindu culture since it is the flower of the Goddess and represents both love and spirituality. One of the hottest garlands right now is made of enormous lotuses strung together in thread.

Cute orchids

While choosing flower garlands for Indian weddings, consider using fresh colours to create a statement. Instead of using traditional colours, choose an unconventional look like this one. You will adore exchanging a gorgeous garland with your fiancé on your wedding day that symbolises luxury and grandeur made of anemone, lilies, and statice.

Colourful garlands

If you’re looking for the ideal flower garlands for Indian weddings, all you need to do is hunt for a vibrant blend of flowers. Flowers in hues of orange, red, and off-white that are strung together with grass rings represent love and joy.

Indian wedding customs and décor will always include flowers, so while selecting the colour and design, keep this article in mind to understand what you are pledging to your spouse when you exchange them. To make your wedding ceremony unforgettable, choose the one that best fits you and your fiancé! Buy the best decorated Pallaki online at Pelli Poola Jada.

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