lotus pelli butta

Glimpse of Pelli Butta

South Indian weddings have a touch of uniqueness and charm with them. Hearing about the preparations and events associated with South Indian weddings the bridal entry always stands as the most awaited one.

Pelli Butta

While pallaki is a common choice for some people, many families also have a tradition of bringing their brides in hand-woven baskets once the Gauri pooja is done. It is believed that after the Gauri pooja is performed, the goddess Lakshmi herself resides in the bride and she can step on the floor only on reaching the mandap.

Pelli Butta

Why not make your entry a rocking one with your pelli butta specially designed by us.  We greatly specialize in giving our brides a perfect imitation of the goddess Lakshmi by crafting lotus-shaped baskets which are not just beautiful but also eye-catching.

Pelli Butta

Get your baskets designed by us and leave everyone stunned and spellbound by your stirring entry.


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