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A wedding is a splendid celebration in India. From dancing all night, to getting ready for the grand day, there’s a lot to look after. And when you are the bride, there’s even a longer list to handle. Mind-boggling, right? Amidst all this hustle, as a bride, you might tend to forget some little things. And little things, piled up over time might be a reason for last-minute headaches. Well, worry not, we are here to save you! All you South Indian brides, rest tension-free. We have prepared a list of all the accessories you might need on your big day.

Maang Tika and Maatha Patti

Traditionally known as Nethi Chutti, these are statement headpieces with various labyrinth designs made of exquisite flowers and are placed on the center of the bride’s forehead.

Hair Jewelry/Accessories

Indian brides have their hair tied up in long braids. And to jazz up those braids, a bride has various options available. From the traditional temple-designed Jadanagam or Jada to diamond jeweled styles, a single stretch of a jeweled piece, to floral options, brides have a wide horizon for them.

hair accessories


Let’s be honest, you can have headpieces, hairpieces, armpieces, necklaces. But will all that be complete without earrings? Traditional earrings are called jhimkis, look for a perfect match for your attire on the D Day. Make sure you don’t miss out on them.

floral jewelry for brides


Well, here we are, at the most visible part of the jewelry set. The necklaces, a delight to the eyes, are huge and chunky. From the classic temple style to the more modern ones, every bride has dreamt of them in their fantasies of being married.

fresh flower jewelry

Arm jewelry

Going with the traditional looks, these comprise the Baaju Bandh/Vanki and kadas adorned with floral patterns. A pretty way to style up your arms, isn’t it?

Haldi jewelry


Kamarbandhs or Oddiyanam, the beautiful belts to compliment the set, are not only the beautiful means to accentuate your waist, but they also hold your 9-yard saree in its place proving once again the multipurpose nature of the set.

floral jewelry for brides

Well, this was your list. With this, we hope that on your big day, you have all the beautiful pieces you need to doll yourself up and start this new life with a beautiful, jewelry-laden smile.

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