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Wedding Festoon Tips!!!

When you think of weddings, the first thing that strikes is the exchange of garlands. Indian weddings and wreaths are two essential entities. This ceremony is known as Jaimalavarmala and it represents the couple’s respect for one another and their promise to accept one another. It is a custom that has been followed since Vedic times.

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There is such an extraordinary variety of designs for wedding wreath accessories available these days. Pick the plans of your wedding festoons cautiously on the grounds that it is one significant component of your troupe that draws in greatest consideration during the service. Also, most of your first wedding pictures as a couple are clicked with these garlands.

Tips for ideal Wedding Garlands

  • Make sure the wedding wreath isn’t extremely weighty. You need to keep them on for quite a long time!

wedding Garlands

  • Also, it should not be too broad, or else it might overshadow the bride’s jewelry.
  • You can use any blossom like marigolds, roses, and gerbera daisies that are all popular choices.

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  • Ensure that the laurels are made of fresh flowers. Additionally, they ought to of value to not wither in couple of hours.
  • You can add tassels by stringing beads or blossoms on more limited lengths of string and tying them onto your wreath.

Reception Garlands


  • It is ideal to pick a wreath that praises the dress just as adornments. It is ideal to choose a garland that compliments the dress as well as jewelry.
  • Ensure the flowers are couple-friendly and none of them is allergic to any of the flowers used.

Rose Garlands

  • The wreath ought up to your waist or longer.
  • Try to limit the use of fake dots or fake blossoms. Genuine blossoms are consistently agile.
  • Choose carnations in colors that will organize with an Indian wedding. Red, yellow, gold, and green are viewed as propitious decisions for a glad event.
  • If it’s a themed wedding ensure the wreaths mix well with the subject.

wedding garlands

  • Keep the climate conditions as a top priority prior to picking the laurels. Roses and marigolds are the best picks for summer weddings.
  • The most recent pattern is pearl wreaths. You can add a couple of fragile blossoms to not steamed the seniors.


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